Telling it to the Moon
Illustrations for the book, "Telling it to the Moon - Faerie Tales and Fantastical Journeys" by L. Stephanie Tait. One per short story (fifteen in all).

Higher resolution images are available in print when you buy a copy of the book for yourself!

"Galatea Rebels"

"The Woman Who Cried, and the Witch Who Could Not"
"Why the Crickets Always Sing in Summer"

"The Dreamer of Pluto"
"The Girl Who Found Her Wings"

"The Weeping Kookaburra"

"Telling it to the Moon"
"Part One: The Line of Rán the Elder and the Midgardian King Hjorrslyngva"
"Part Two: Rán the Younger"

"How the Zebras Lost Their Stripes and Became Horses of the North"
"The Great Magician Orpheus"

"The Princess and the Dark Stars"

"When Constellations Collide"
"The Snail Who Changed the Woods"

"The Princess, The Lion, and the Millipede"
"The Loch Who Loved the Moon"