The Treasure of Montecristo Island
A co-op adventure board game from Good Nerd Bad Nerd Games. Working with Art Director Megan Scheidler, I provided all the icons, bits, and bobs that go into the game. What developed is a playful crooked woodcut look that felt at home for a game played on a stylized treasure map. I did the character illustrations as well, but I saved that for a separate section.

I've played the game and it's ridiculously fun! Let's play together when it releases later this year.


Resource Icons: food, water, rope, stone, coal, and wood.

Insignias: Treasure icon, thief shield, and evening fate card.

Tools, Altars, and Traps: Spear, axe, locator staff, unlit altar, lit altar, anchor, poison, rope trap, and bear trap.

Treasure Coin and the Purple Sapphire: The objectives of the base game and expansion pack.

Dice and tokens.

Ships: Hero ship and thief ship.

Locations: The island's moountain with hideaway, surrounded by the windmill, chapels, and monasteries.




Game board. Illustations and icon design by me. Layout and art direction by Megan Scheidler.